Managing Specialty Conditions

Specialty drug management is more important than ever with specialty drug costs on a meteoric rise, now exceeding 55% of total drug spend.1 What’s more, 35% of total drug spend is driven by medical drug spend.2 Integrated solutions and strategies — across both medical and pharmacy benefits — help our clients successfully navigate the complicated and evolving specialty landscape.


Integrated data to help streamline treatment pathways

Prime’s IntegratedRx solutions provide a better experience for people with certain complex conditions, promoting faster treatment start times, lower drug costs and coordinated care between prescribers and pharmacists.


Insights and support to help reduce medical drug costs

Using enhanced medical drug tools — including biosimilars, medical rebates and low net cost savings — MedDrive is a key part of a comprehensive strategy to help control medical costs and realize savings.


Reduced waste and more savings opportunities

This split — or partial — fill program helps curb the risk of adverse side effects that certain high-cost medications can cause. With this solution, members can try a shorter supply of medication to determine the existence and severity of side effects before continuing therapy, helping save money and reduce waste.


Flexible options that put people first

Prime provides comprehensive specialty pharmacy options so our clients can choose the path that best serves their members, prioritizing affordability, care and customer service, no matter the channel.


The evolution of specialty

Specialty drugs have changed pharmacy over the past decade and now represent more than half of total drug spend. With these changes, it’s never been more important that businesses have a strong specialty strategy that spans pharmacy and medical benefits.

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