Experience pharmacy benefit management built just for you

You’ll discover a truly differentiated experience when you partner with Prime and Magellan Rx as your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). We’re focused on delivering holistic, people-centered solutions to help you save money while delivering a better health care experience for your employees.

Flexible partnership

Meeting your specific needs

We understand each employer has unique business, market and employee needs, which is why we work with you to develop the best pharmacy benefit management solutions for you and your markets, prioritizing affordability, quality and service.

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Helping to lower drug costs

Our award-winning and accredited solutions help you make more informed health care decisions that lower your total cost of care. We focus our formulary management approach on curating the right selection of medications while cutting out those that are medically unnecessary or that have a clinically appropriate, more cost-effective alternative.

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Delivering holistic specialty solutions

As care becomes more complex, our ability to look across both pharmacy and medical benefits and coordinate across the continuum of care is critical. We pair deep, innovative insights and analytics with industry-leading specialty expertise to help you manage total specialty drug costs and help improve your employees’ health.

Understand the specialty landscape

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Improving employee health outcomes

Our clinical programs support medication adherence and help eliminate gaps in care. By helping your employees get the medication they need when they need it, we help improve health outcomes and reduce the total cost of care.

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Providing a better employee experience

Our omnichannel approach means you can choose the solutions that best meet customer and member needs, allowing people to get their medicine how and where they choose. We are focused on giving you an exceptional experience and the flexibility to meet your employees where they are in their health care journey.


Integrated pharmacy benefits drive more savings

A recent two-year analysis conducted by Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota and Prime shows how an integrated solution can lower costs and improve health outcomes compared to stand-alone models.

Integrated Pharmacy Benefits stats


Expert knowledge from the brightest minds in pharmacy

Part of making smarter health care decisions is having access to all the information you need. As a service-centered PBM partner, we feel a responsibility and desire to share information and insights with employers like you so you can make the best decisions.

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Explore how to choose your PBM

The PBM you work with impacts your employees’ health and satisfaction. To make the most of this partnership, discover how PBMs can deliver results, learn how to navigate pricing and develop a better understanding of some of the complex terms the industry uses.

Discover how to choose a PBM

Man smiling while talking to a coworker

Discover how PBMs deliver results

A PBM that’s a great fit for you and your employees will align with your goals while delivering value by lowering drug costs and creating better health outcomes and a better employee and provider experience. See how PBMs provide value and explore questions to consider as you choose a PBM.

See PBMs’ value

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Understand PBM pricing

The bidding and contracting process is complex. Understanding PBM pricing concepts can help you choose a PBM that will provide you and your employees the greatest overall value.

Learn about PBM pricing

Developing a holistic GLP-1 strategy

We take an evidence-based approach to GLP-1 drugs, working with our partners to develop individualized strategies that promote clinically appropriate use and consider total costs of care, long-term value and member health outcomes.

Get expert insights on GLP-1s


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