Better care when medicines play a role

Prime partners with health plans to manage prescription drug benefits. By working together every step of the way, we help remove friction whenever medicines play a role. The often results in more efficient care, more affordable coverage offered by health plans and more satisfied employees.


Efficient and affordable care

Through our fully integrated model, we harness our collective Blue + Prime energy and knowledge with one focus: advancing care that’s right for each person. We are deeply connected whenever medicines play a role to help unlock better, more affordable care together. Our unconstrained model brings freedom and flexibility to tailor the right solutions for you and your members.

Integrated drug management solutions

Effective drug lists are one of the most efficient ways to manage drug costs. Our formulary management approach focuses on curating the right selection of medications, while cutting out medications that are medically unnecessary and those that have a clinically-appropriate, more cost-effective alternative.

Our channel independence means you can choose the solutions that best meet your needs — and those of your employees. You’ll have several options for offering access to affordable medication by encouraging use of preferred providers and pharmacies.

Good things happen when adherence goes up. Our clinical programs support adherence and help eliminate gaps in care. By helping members get the medication they need, when they need it, our solutions help improve health outcomes and reduce the total cost of care.

As care becomes more complex, our ability to look across both pharmacy and medical benefits and coordinate across the continuum of care is critical. The Blue + Prime model can help deliver better outcomes for your members and help you get a grip on growing costs.

Preparing for the future

Our dedicated team of professionals monitors the market and navigates the ins and outs of the changing health care system. This means less surprises for you and less risk for employers.

Our solutions

We take a deeply integrated, channel independent, holistic approach to designing products that help manage cost and provide smarter care that’s right for each person.

Our approach

We are connected where medicines play a role to unlock better, more affordable care.

Our story

Powered by the strength of a unique Blue + Prime foundation, we’ve grown from a small pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to a leading total drug management enterprise.

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