True partnership

With us, you’ll have a true partner who’s as committed to better and more affordable care as you are. We’ve got all of our energy and knowledge focused on enabling the right care for each person, with the right medicine, at the right time and place.

Redefining integration

Taking a member-centric, provider aligned and data-driven view of the care journey, we’re uncovering more and more ways to make medicines work harder and smarter.

Prime and Magellan Rx

Joining forces for a brighter future

Prime Therapeutics closes $1.35 billion Magellan Rx acquisition, uniting pharmacy and medical drug management expertise. The combination creates an opportunity to transform the industry by driving affordability and integrating whole-person care to enhance the patient, provider and customer experience.

Integrated drug management

We use the power of integrated medical and pharmacy data to develop predictive models, distill actionable information, and tackle the toughest pharmacy challenges.

We take a channel independent approach to help create pharmacy networks tailored to your market and aligned with local providers.

Our member-centric tools can be integrated into your Blue-branded experience.

Our transparent model means our goals are aligned with yours, and financial savings can be passed through.

Our ownership model offers plans strategic control and tremendous flexibility. We don’t just offer the freedom to grow your own way, we actively help.


An integrated approach unlocks more affordable care

Our Blue and Prime alignment allows us to work closely with our clients to create effective go-to-market strategies. Our underwriting team collaborates to establish goals and create an unmatched strategy to set you up for success.


Helping streamline the treatment pathway for members and providers

Prime’s IntegratedRx solutions provide a better experience for people with certain complex conditions, promoting faster treatment start times, lower drug costs and coordinated care between providers and pharmacists.

Helping deliver superior results

You get our commitment

We want to see you achieve your goals. We think like a health plan. So together we are free to harness our collective energy and knowledge to drive lowest costs, create better clinical outcomes and drive a better experience for patients and providers.

Helping improve experience

Putting people first

There’s a real person at the end of every spreadsheet, script or device. And their experience matters — whether they’re a patient, provider or payor. That’s why every new product, process, report or solution we create begins with the question: How will this help people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well?

Thought leadership

Driving greater use of biosimilars to help lower drug costs

As part of our total drug management strategy, we actively promote evidence-based use of biosimilars (and other low-cost drug options) and endorsed by our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

Fraud Waste and Abuse

Advanced analytics leads to a robust fraud, waste, and abuse program

Prime Therapeutics’ advanced fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) program has saved its health plan clients millions of dollars through audits and investigations. An advanced analytics approach enables Prime to identify—and stop—emerging fraud trends, saving money and maintaining member safety.

Download Prime’s latest FWA Blue Paper

Our solutions

We take a deeply integrated, channel independent, approach to designing products that manage cost and provide smarter care that’s right for each person.

Our approach

We are connected where medicines play a role to unlock better, more affordable care.

Our story

Built on the strength from a unique Blue + Prime foundation, we’ve grown from a small pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to a leading total drug management enterprise.

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