Prime and Magellan Rx’s culture comes to life in many ways and is driven by our people, purpose and possibilities. From our day-to-day work to the way we show up for our members and communities, our culture unites and energizes our team and offers limitless opportunities to make a difference.


Our people are the foundation of our culture, and each employee has their own story and connection to our cultural commitments to share. Our The Power of People videos highlight some of the amazing employees who are the heart of our organization. Meet Leslie Dickens, hear how she’s helping us win together and learn a bit about who she is outside of her work.


The Power of People

When Luke Burri’s not riding his motorcycle, he and his team are developing technology to help members and their families, embodying our commitment to delivering results.


The Power of People

Jim Rebello helps make sure members with complex conditions aren’t lost in their health care journeys. Hear about the work he does at Prime and Magellan Rx and his passion for winning together with his colleagues.


The Power of People

Meet Julie Grant and hear about her personal experience helping her sister navigate her health care journey and how it’s inspired her to help track members’ holistic prescription histories and do what’s right for the people we serve.



Creating a culture of inclusion for all

When a person feels safe to be who they are, they’re able to do their best work. Our Diversity and Inclusion Council and employee resource groups help employees celebrate differences and feel connected.


Flexible work

Embracing hybrid work that puts our employees’ needs first

We understand that people don’t need to be in the office constantly to do their best work. Through our flexible workplace program called Hub and Home™, we support our employees no matter where and how they work, whether fully at home or in a hybrid arrangement, prioritizing their health, productivity and life-work balance.


Helping people goes beyond pharmacy benefits

We are committed not only to building a more inclusive and equitable workplace, but also to serving the communities where we live and work. We provide people-centered employee benefits like volunteering hours and caregiving leave. And we foster a spirit of service and giving through member-centered education and opportunities to give back.

Seeing service in action

Each year, we offer all employees 16 hours of volunteer time — and in 2023, 35 employees in Dallas organized their time giving back to their community. These employees volunteered at Baskets for Good, assembling 525 bags, each filled with one week’s worth of groceries for local families in need. This amounted to around 33,000 meals.

Empowering generosity

Our PrimeCares community giving program provides a way for our employees to make a difference through volunteer hours and donations matched by Prime and Magellan Rx.

Addressing inequality and injustice

Born out of our employees’ passion to address social injustice, the Prime Together Foundation helps address inequality and injustice in all its manifestations, particularly racism, poverty, health and hunger.


“Our mission at Living Well Disability Services is to provide exceptional services and impact the lives of people with disabilities, and we can’t do that on our own. Ninety-six percent of our funding comes from Medicare and Medicaid, and that provides the basics. We believe in providing care beyond the basics, and grants like the one from the Prime Together Foundation allow us to do that.”


Heather Heier
Communications and Events Manager, Living Well Disability Services

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