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Prime integrates with health plans for total drug management — no matter where medicine happens or how its reimbursed. We’re member-centric, provider-aligned and data-driven. And we’re here to help make better, more affordable care easier for everyone.

Blue + Prime

National scale, local control

Prime was created to partner with non-profit Blue health plans, trusted in communities across America. Our integrated model combines national scale with local control to help improve care and lower costs for your clients.

Thought leadership

Rising specialty drug costs are challenging the health care system. As a leader in integrated drug management, we promote biosimilar strategies that offer potential savings of $100 billion in five years.

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Employer groups

Our connected approach helps life be easier for employers. Members get the medicine they need to feel better and live well. Employers can choose products and services that help lower pharmacy benefit costs and improve health outcomes — with less disruption for employees.

Health plans

Created by health plans to be an integrated partner, that unique relationship gives us deeper access to the medical data to help close gaps in care and create an airtight seal on the pharmacy/medical connection. No other pharmacy benefit manager can offer Prime’s level of integration.

Our solutions

We take a deeply integrated, channel independent, holistic approach to designing products that manage cost and provide smarter care that’s right for each person.

Our approach

We are connected where medicines play a role to unlock better, more affordable care.

Our story

Built on the strength from a unique Blue + Prime foundation, we’ve grown from a small pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to a leading total drug management enterprise.

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