What is Prime’s golden rule? Delivering the personalized care we’d want our loved ones to receive

By Dave Schlett, Executive Vice President and Chief Client and Administrative Officer

September 15, 2022

Dave SchlettMany of us are looking for a meaningful connection to the work that fills our days and carries us forward throughout our careers. This sense of purpose helps motivate us when we’re challenged to solve a problem and provides us with a sense of fulfillment when we achieve our aims.  

Connection to the purpose at Prime Therapeutics is one of the many reasons I joined the company. When my mom was dealing with a complex disease, I saw firsthand how intricate a patient’s individual needs can be. And I know many Prime employees have experienced this as well. Every patient has a unique set of circumstances, which means there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to their care. Their care needs to be carefully considered, bringing together insights and various experts to ensure that recommendations are suited to the individual.

This is the level of personal care that we want all our loved ones to receive. And it’s the level of personal care that Prime is dedicated to delivering: Helping get the right medicine to the right member at the right location at the right time. 

This personalized care comes to life across Prime, from our strategic partnerships to our use of data to our innovative integrated products and services. Here are just a few examples of the exciting ways we work to help ensure each member gets the level of care they need and deserve:  

Strategic partnerships

We’ve been told that our leadership is fearless and bold – and I have to agree. We’re always looking to what’s next, and partnerships are essential to our fast growth and innovation. We understand that the market is moving quickly, which is why it’s critical that we collaborate with plans, vendors or providers who are aligned with our patient-centered vision. A wide spectrum of partners allows us to share expertise and different perspectives, enabling each of us to optimize and advance member outcomes.  

Integrated data

Many organizations have endless amounts of data. But having data alone isn’t enough. To be useful to a wide group of stakeholders in the managed care spectrum, from providers to clinicians to members, data must be organized and analyzed for insights. And then those insights need to be acted upon. Prime’s partnership with 19 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans gives us unique access to both medical and pharmacy data. This gives us a more complete view of the member that we can then leverage to benefit patient outcomes.

While there’s more work to do, Prime’s data organization efforts over the last year and a half have helped identify new products and opportunities like HighTouchRx® and IntegratedRx – Oncology, which help deliver better member care and outcomes. Having a comprehensive view of the member condition allows us to tailor digital experiences to where the member is at in their overarching care journey. 

Innovative products and services

I just mentioned IntegratedRx, which is a great example that illustrates how we identify opportunities to develop products that provide new solutions in the market. We began looking at oncology due to the complexity and significance of the disease. With a plethora of new oncology drugs coming into the pipeline, our IntegratedRx program increases coordination across the care team, helping our members get timely access to affordable drugs.  

These types of integrated, collaborated solutions have multiple benefits: enabling an improved member experience, involving the provider in key decisions and lowering net costs. It’s an excellent example of the Quadruple Aim, which is driving the lowest net cost, better outcomes and excellent member experiences while ensuring provider alignment.  

These improved member outcomes lead to tangible, meaningful experiences for individuals and their communities. It’s the reason many of us work in health care. We want to make people better from an outcomes standpoint and bring together fragmented groups to accomplish this mission. At Prime, we can bring this purpose to life, helping people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well.  


Hear more from Dave Schlett in his Beyond the Script interview on YouTube. 

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