Streamlining the treatment pathway for members and providers

IntegratedRx® – Oncology puts everyone on the same team and gives members one central location for their cancer medicines, providing a connected and enhanced pharmacy care experience. ​Members appreciate how easy it is to get their prescriptions and stay engaged with our pharmacy team, resulting in an industry-leading 95% satisfaction rating.

IntegratedRx® – Oncology

Delivering integrated clinic-to-pharmacy care

This clinically integrated oncology program streamlines the treatment pathway for people living with cancer. These members can now receive their oral oncolytic and companion medications directly from their oncologist’s clinic or affiliated hospital pharmacy.

“My patient had the oncology drug in hand in less than 24 hours. We are helping to make the end-to-end experience so much better.”

Joseph Leach, M.D. Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

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Reducing the risk of major side effects

Analytic intel + insights

Our IntegratedRx® clinical pharmacist determined that a member was prescribed Nerlynx at a high dose without being weaned on or receiving a prescription for loperamide to counteract potential side effects.


The pharmacist contacted the provider to share the recommended dose and frequency of loperamide. They also reached out the member to explain the situation and review new prescription instructions.


Integration allowed Prime to manage this unexpected situation for the member, creating a better experience than they may have received through a central fill pharmacy.


Live at AMCP Annual 2024: Medically integrated dispensing helps outcomes, lower costs and create better experiences

Cancer care represents a rapidly rising and disproportionate share of overall health care spend. Medically integrated dispensing has been associated with better outcomes, lower waste and better patient care experiences for members receiving.

During this conversation with Landon Marshall, health outcomes research principal at Prime/MRx, we take a closer look at the AMCP study, ⁠Medically Integrated Dispensing of Oral Oncolytics: Real-World Cost of Care Comparison to Traditional Dispensing.⁠


Testimonial Image featuring Marci with IntegratedRX

“We created IntegratedRx, because unlike other PBM’s, we don’t have to think about having medications filled out of our own pharmacy. We’re able to ask, what’s the right pharmacy for you?”

Marci ConlinVice President, Pharmacy Network Management
Testimonial Image featuring Jacqui with IntegratedRX

“It’s been so easy. I go to the clinic, I do my blood work. I’ve gotten home and they’ve called me almost the same day, within a couple hours, to set up delivery. And then I’ve gotten my medication the next day. It’s been very easy.”

JacquiOncology Patient

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