Prime Together Foundation gives to Jeremiah Program, giving young moms space to dream big for themselves, their kids and community

Volunteer mentors help make upward economic mobility a possibility

October 27, 2022

Jeremiah Program (JP) is a national organization that exists to disrupt the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children two generations at a time. JP supports 100% women – single moms experiencing poverty and  parents in pursuit of a college degree. Eighty percent of the parents identify as Black, Latina and Indigenous.

“We’re grateful for the wonderful partnership with Prime Together Foundation,” said Maureen Rafferty, senior director of institutional partnerships for Jeremiah Program. “General operating grants are fantastic in that we can apply the dollars where they’re needed the most. And the gifts of time, talent and treasure make our career volunteer mentor program (CVMP) a success.”

Career volunteer mentor program empowers moms and volunteers

JP believes single moms are the architects of their families’ futures.

Gabby Grahek, principal, social media for Prime and JP Mom Emma share their experience and what they both gained from CVMP.

CVMP pairs single moms with corporate employees for one-to-one career navigation support. It provides opportunities for corporations to partner with single moms pursuing a college degree and opens employment opportunities for single moms. As the student-parent leaders in CVMP prepare to launch their careers, they will benefit from volunteer mentors’ insights, advice and support. Mentors will benefit too, expanding their professional networks and deepening their understanding of workforce trends and the challenges impacting a JP mom’s career journey.

The Prime Together Foundation’s grant helps make this program possible.

Dismantling systems that lead to generational poverty

Rafferty added, “JP moms all share a common purpose of creating the best lives for themselves and their children. Our moms come to us as leaders and problem solvers with unique contributions to offer. JP is about fixing the structure, not the person, setting up a more equitable playing field where women can compete and thrive.”

JP provides personalized coaching, housing, early childhood education and a signature Empowerment and Leadership course for families and operates with a constellation of partners including colleges, mental health providers and early childhood family education (ECFE) programs to fulfill other basic needs for moms and their children. “We have an ambitious mission that requires community-wide collaboration,” said Rafferty. “Our families face multiple barriers to economic mobility, so it’s about working with others to disrupt the many connected systems that perpetuate cycles of poverty that disproportionally harm women and children of color.”

Next year JP will celebrate its 25th anniversary. A future strategic priority is an investment in a new data infrastructure for greater community impact, with the aim of creating more systemic change in the broader equity field. JP is growing fast and continues to seek support from ambassadors willing to invest in its work to make upward economic mobility a possibility for all.

Hear from JP alumni – some of whom now serve on JP’s national governing board – about how the program empowered them to change their families’ futures.

Learn more about the Prime Together Foundation and its work.

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