Prime Together Foundation

Working together to create change in our communities.

Our goal

Help fight inequalities, injustice and intolerance

Prime Therapeutics wants to help local organizations fight the inequalities and injustices happening in our neighborhoods every day. Leadership and employees talked about how to create change, and how we could best make a difference.  The decision was clear: create our own foundation.

The Prime Together Foundation is an extension of our diversity and inclusion programs. As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation is currently raising funds and intends to approve its first grants at the end of 2021. Early fundraising continues and plans to broaden outreach efforts has started.


Work with our communities to address inequality and injustice in all its manifestations, particularly racism, poverty, health, and hunger.


Prime’s Diversity & Inclusion Council recommends how funds are allocated, and the Foundation’s Board of Directors approves all grants.