Fighting cancer together

Learn how Chief Information Officer Jim Graham has gotten involved in the fight against cancer and why a career at Prime/Magellan Rx is a perfect fit for him.

November 9, 2023

Like many people across the world, I have been personally touched by cancer.

My mother, father and sister all survived cancer diagnoses, while three of my grandparents and my wife’s mother passed away from the disease.

I have directly seen the horrific impacts of cancer and it has left a lasting imprint on me, changing how I think and reminding me not to take life for granted.

This is one reason I came to Prime 10 years ago. I am driven by the opportunity to live out Prime/Magellan Rx’s purpose to reimagine pharmacy and recognize the role we play in helping people live longer and healthier lives.

One way we do this is through our revolutionary IntegratedRx® program, a model of care that can improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction. IntegratedRx – Oncology is a medically integrated dispensing (MID) model of care , meaning patients don’t have to worry about going to a separate pharmacy for their oral anticancer drugs, they can get their medicine onsite at the oncology clinic. It’s a one-stop solution for cancer care, designed to take away some of the complexities that come along with the journey.

It’s initiatives like these that make a difference in cancer care and make me proud to work at Prime/Magellan Rx. We truly prioritize innovation and member-centric solutions so we can provide the same level of care we would want for our loved ones.

Outside of my work at Prime/Magellan Rx, I’ve sought out opportunities to get involved with nonprofit organizations that fight cancer. Recently, I participated in a virtual auction with CIOs Against Cancer, which benefits American Cancer Society early-stage cancer research projects. Together with other CIOs, we raised $250,000 at the event.

Personally, this event hit home and professionally it’s in line with our innovative work at Prime/Magellan Rx, as we can reshape the landscape of disease diagnosis, progression and treatment for our members. It was a great way to get involved.

Cancer impacts people from many different backgrounds and knows no boundaries. It’s a shared challenge that has touched many of us. I’m happy to do my part, both professionally and personally, to help extinguish this disease.

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