Entry-Level PBM Jobs

Explore how our early-career programs let you work with some of the brightest people in pharmacy and make a real difference in helping people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well.

Pharmacy Friends

Live at AMCP Annual 2024: Unlocking your pharmacy potential with our residency program

Nothing might matter more than getting new talented and bright pharmacists in our door to get hands-on experience of specialty and medical drug management from a managed care perspective. YuQian Liu, Senior Director of Clinical Account Services, talks about how our ASHP accredited residency program allows people interested in managed care pharmacy to build their careers.

Meet past interns

“Exposure to the decision making process gave me insight on how to use clinical expertise to make business decisions.”

Justin Giguere, PharmD (current role at Prime: Director, Clinical Formulary Management)

“My mindset and how I think about pharmacy was so much different. Now I make clinical decisions that could help thousands of people.”

Chelsey Poquette (current role at Prime: Criteria Pharmacist Supervisor)

Prime/MRx residency program

This ASHP accredited residency program allows you to build a managed care career with an understanding of medical and pharmacy benefit integration and strategy.

MTM/CCM Internships

Get hands-on pharmacy experience and develop skills with our Medication Therapy Management and Case/Care Management (MTM/CCM) Department.