Erin Feigal

Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

As senior vice president, chief human resources officer at Prime Therapeutics, Erin Feigal leads the talent acquisition, talent development, business partnership, total rewards, business training, learning & development and PrimeCares for Prime Therapeutics. Feigal also oversees Prime‚Äôs Diversity Equality and Inclusion Council and chairs the Prime Together Foundation. Feigal is a strong advocate for Prime’s culture and goals. She is focused on creating exceptional strategic business partnerships and environments where employees can thrive, while ensuring consistent, practical and progressive operations and practices.

Feigal is an experienced professional with 25 years of experience working in the human resources field. Prior to joining Prime in 2013, Feigal served as the global human resources director for a high-tech, growth-focused business unit of Imation Corporation. Before that, Feigal was a human resources professional in the financial services and high-tech manufacturing industries.

Feigal has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. She is passionate about the culture and communities we work in as well as the culture and communities we live in. Feigal has served on the board of directors for Canvas Health, a distinctive, Minnesota-based, nonprofit, human service organization focused on mental health and crises support.