David Schlett

Executive Vice President and President PBM Solutions

As executive vice president and president PBM solutions at Prime Therapeutics, David Schlett oversees strengthening our client relationships while being actively involved in finance by leading supply chain and distribution strategies, pricing, underwriting, and analytics. 

Schlett is an accomplished executive with more than 25 years of health care experience and deep expertise in corporate finance, strategic planning, analysis, business development, supply chain management, pricing and competitive intelligence. With this background, he plays a key role in developing growth strategies and total drug management solutions that optimize drug utilization across the medical and pharmacy benefit, leading to improved health outcomes and lower plan costs for plan sponsors and members. 

From 1993- 2016, Schlett held various senior finance leadership positions at Medco and later served as Express Scripts’ senior vice president of finance. There, he was responsible for maximizing revenues and margins across all market segments. Since 2016, Schlett served as a highly regarded consultant providing expertise in health care strategy, benefit design, finance, supply chain economics, health care regulation and operations to pharmacy benefit managers, employers, health plans and drug manufacturers. 

Schlett earned a Master of Business Administration in finance and a bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is a certified public accountant.