Building Prime’s knowledge base about members with diabetes

March 18, 2019

Prime’s studies on members with diabetes have yielded a deep institutional understanding of our members with this condition. All these studies have been peer reviewed and published by the Academy of Managed Care (AMCP).

The findings from these studies provide actionable data for health plans. Prime has developed and improved benefit designs and product offerings based on this research, working toward improved health outcomes and lower cost of care.

Our research on members with diabetes has included:

Because we use integrated medical and pharmacy data, this research gives us a view to total cost of care. And our long-term relationships with Blue Plan clients mean we’ve been able to study these trends over time.

Prime’s health outcomes team sifts through millions of pieces of data to find important insights. We produce foundational research that sparks product development, and results in research that measures impact. Ongoing dialogue with clients keeps us focused on the research that our clients find meaningful. It’s all part of our commitment to working with our clients toward achieving superior health outcomes at the lowest net cost.

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