Members no longer need to search for the best discount prices and then try to remember which card or app to present at the pharmacy. With MedsYourWay™ – Retail, all they have to do is show their insurance card the next time they fill a prescription to get the lowest available price. It’s that simple.

The best deals with no additional effort

MedsYourWay – Retail does the heavy lifting to deliver the best available savings as a complement to members’ pharmacy benefits.


Simple experience

Members present their insurance card, and our advanced technology takes it from there, comparing drug card discount prices so they don’t have to.

Integration with plan benefits

No need to choose between the lowest-priced option or using their benefits. Any costs for covered purchases count toward their deductible.

Big savings at the pharmacy

Members can save up to 80% on non-covered generics and over-the-counter drugs and up to 96% on covered prescriptions.

¹ Milliman analysis against Prime’s commercial client claims from October 2020-March 2021 and DDC fee schedule as of 1Q2021.​

² Drug discount card pricing is not insurance. However, using it through MedsYourWay to purchase medications that are also covered by the plan will automatically count toward out-of-pocket maximums.