Technology and the road to health care transformation

By Jim Graham, Chief Information Officer

September 20, 2022

At Prime Therapeutics, we talk a lot about our future – and it’s no surprise why. As a company, we’re on a transformative journey to change not just how we work and operate, but to disrupt the entire pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) industry, and in doing so, transform health care for all. 

Our vision for the future is important and, like all great journeys, will happen one small step at a time. Prime’s talented, dedicated IT team is working every day to help bring this vision to life by providing its driving engine – the technology and data that make it possible. 

Prime’s IT transformation 

Prime’s technology team is in the midst of an initiative to elevate and modernize our core operating platforms, to enable better capabilities at lower costs for our clients.  

This work is already paying off through our integrated, cloud-based data environment that positions Prime as a knowledge management partner to our health plan clients, which in turn creates a better experience for the members we serve.  

A good example of how our digital transformation adds value is our Real-Time Benefit Check (RTBC) program. RTBC allows prescribers to receive real-time drug coverage and pricing information – including possible lower-cost alternatives for the patient – all while they’re with the patient. This can reduce patient frustration and out-of-pocket costs. In 2021, this innovation alone saved individual members across the country an average of more than $500. Harnessing the power of data makes RTBC, and many other innovations, possible. This is just one way that IT enables us to use data in new, expanding and valuable ways.     

We all know that health care is complicated. Advances like this may seem small, but they can lighten a member’s burden by freeing up time and financial resources. As each advancement becomes reality, they create real value by allowing our members to focus more on what’s important in health care – healing and wellbeing.  

Gratitude for the team 

I am proud that our IT team is at the center of Prime’s transformative journey to create better health outcomes and experiences for all our clients and members. It’s a big task, but it’s the right work for the right reasons – and none of it is possible without the commitment and expertise of Prime’s technology team. 

Join one of the best technology and data teams in the business. Prime Therapeutics is hiring. View open positions now. 

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