Prime + JDRF: A personal connection

For Kelley Loughrey, a life-threatening incident involving her son sent them straight to the hospital. But what came out of that experience is something so much more.

April 4, 2019
As a career development consultant at Prime, Kelley has a personal connection to Prime and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The reason? Kelley’s son, Alex, was diagnosed with T1 diabetes at the age of four. Although it was 20 years ago, Kelley remembers it as if it were yesterday. “The symptoms didn’t seem dangerous. He was thirstier than usual and went to the bathroom more. But it was enough that I wanted to talk to his doctor. I’m so glad I didn’t wait any longer,” Kelley recalls.

When they got to the pediatrician’s office, Alex’s blood sugar level was checked. A normal blood sugar level is between 96-110. Alex’s was at 365. “It was that exact moment that we knew this was life-threatening,” says Kelley. “The pediatrician advised us to get to the hospital immediately.”

Alex was hospitalized for a few days at Children’s Hospital, where they continued to monitor his blood sugar levels. It was then that he was diagnosed with T1 diabetes. It was also the moment that Kelley learned about JDRF.

“I met another mom at Children’s Hospital who told me about JDRF,” says Kelley. “I got excited and wanted to learn more. I started volunteering for JDRF and eventually got on the Board of Directors.” In 2018, while serving as the Board President, Kelley helped start JDRF’s Board of Chancellors and met a Prime employee who also lives with T1 diabetes. At that time, Prime had just signed on as a sponsor partner with JDRF for all of Prime’s fundraising and awareness events.

“I realized Prime was more than a PBM. They truly seemed to care about the health and wellbeing of others out there that deal with T1 diabetes through their sponsorship,” says Kelley. “I went home that night and applied for a position at Prime that I thought would be a great fit for me.” She also read about PrimeCares, where Prime supports a select number of health-related charities important to the communities in which they operate, including JDRF.

Kelley has been with Prime’s talent development team for about a year now. She enjoys her job, and her ability to continue her commitment to JDRF as a member of the Board of Chancellors. “The fact that I can work for a company that shares the same passion I do is proof that all of the stars aligned. I love seeing Prime give back and show their support. I feel truly grateful to be able to work for Prime, and I’m hopeful that together, we’ll unlock the cure for T1 diabetes someday.”

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