Company information

September 24, 2021

Our purpose is to help people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well.

Prime at a Glance

For more than 20 years, Prime Therapeutics (Prime) has been making health care work better by helping millions of people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well.

Formed in 1998 by two Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, Prime has grown steadily to become the partner of choice for 19 Blue Plan owner clients. This unique ownership structure means Prime is committed to the health of its members, the more than 33 million people Prime serves through health plans, employers and government programs (i.e., Medicare and Medicaid).

People feel and live better when care and medicine work together. Prime’s daily mission is to unlock the potential of integrated drug management solutions, and this focus means Prime enables the right care for each person, with the right medicine, at the right time and place.

Our operations

Drug spend managed
2021 $37.4 billion
2022 $36.7 billion (estimated)

Annual claim volume
2021 398 million
2022 424 million (estimated)

When different is good

Prime isn’t like other pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), with millions of shareholders; it’s owned by the clients it supports — 19 not-for-profit Blue Plans that serve state and regional markets. Through this unique relationship with its Blue partners, Prime provides integrated drug management solutions across both medical and pharmacy benefits.

Prime is redefining integration and reshaping the PBM industry to help drive down the total cost of care, achieve better clinical outcomes and deliver a better experience for members and providers.

Care + Medicine = Improved Outcomes

With prescription drugs now accounting for more than 30% of total health care costs, Prime’s role as a strategic partner has never been more tangible or important. What’s more, Prime provides members with a holistic care journey, integrating providers, patients and channels — and uncovering insights that can make people’s lives better.

  • Collaborations with stakeholders like Amazon Pharmacy and Express Scripts® mean Prime clients and members get the most competitive prices available for the medicines they need.
  • Clinical programs integrate data analytics with customized outreach, including personalized interventions from pharmacists, to help members and prescribers make the best drug management decisions.
  • Prime uses the power of its own predictive data, combined with data from its Blue Plan partners, to create actionable insights and tackle the toughest Rx challenges, ultimately helping improve outcomes for members.
  • Prime’s High Value Pharmacist pilots earned the 2021 Excellence Award from the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute.
  • Prime’s fraud, waste and abuse program saved health plan clients $285 million in 2020 and earned the #2 spot among health care companies on Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies List.”
  • In 2022, Prime published its first diversity, equity and inclusion transparency report, demonstrating progress in workplace and community equity, acknowledging the meaningful steps taken and still required to achieve a more diverse, inclusive way of doing business.
  • Prime’s IntegratedRx program employs a channel-independent approach to help identify solutions that drive the best financial and quality outcomes for Blue Plans and members.

Leading the way

Prime thinks and acts differently.

Through its member-centric, transparent, provider-aligned and data-driven view of the health care journey, Prime is leading the market in delivering integrated drug management solutions that put people before earnings, and truly meeting them where they are.

By focusing its energy and knowledge on ways to make medicines work harder and smarter, Prime’s delivering superior results for all stakeholders.

Locations and employees

Headquarters: Eagan, Minnesota
Regional offices: Omaha, NE; Albuquerque, NM
Employees: 3,800+