Clinical perspectives report provides insights on the evolution of GLP-1s

January 12, 2024

Review Prime and Magellan Rx’s clinical perspectives report as a guide to understand the evolution of GLP-1s, highlighted by our clinical position and real-world analysis that enable our clients and members to make sensible health care decisions.

At Prime and Magellan Rx, we are guided by an evidence-based approach to GLP-1 management as we continue to work with clients to address the soaring demand for these medications.

Driven by safety and drug efficacy, we remain committed to examining how GLP-1 use affects total cost of care, their long-term value and impact on other health conditions. We also continue to monitor ongoing studies that evaluate GLP-1 clinical outcomes.

Demand for GLP-1 therapies have increased substantially since 2021. Traditionally used by individuals to manage type 2 diabetes, select GLP-1s have received FDA approval for chronic weight management as an adjunct to diet and lifestyle changes.

An increase in GLP-1 usage by celebrities and social media influencers who have attributed their weight loss to GLP-1s has sparked a sharp uptick in requests for GLP-1 prior authorization, creating shortages for some medications that diabetic patients rely on.

While the GLP-1 therapy pipeline remains robust, a thoughtful approach will be essential in developing and maintaining a strong GLP-1 strategy. Prime and Magellan Rx continue to prioritize benefit designs that align with the financial and health interests of our clients and their members. Clinical data, analysis and outcomes measurement will serve as the backdrop for all our drug management strategies.

“GLP-1 drugs and their use for weight loss have taken the health care industry by storm, but several issues must be resolved, including how to ensure that those who may benefit most have access while maintaining overall pharmacy benefit affordability,” said David Lassen, PharmD, Prime and Magellan Rx Chief Clinical Officer. “While we hope to see additional data to refine our guidance, health plans should consider programs to help adherence to avoid medication waste and comprehensive therapy plans – which include diet and exercise – to help people on their weight loss journey.”

Prime and Magellan Rx is proud to share the clinical perspectives report as a guide to understanding the evolution of GLP-1s.

And for additional insights on GLP-1s, we invite you to listen to our latest Pharmacy Friends podcast, “The Skinny on GLP-1s: Part 1. In this first installment of a two-part series, our experts discuss clinical evidence, drug information and appropriate patient selection for GLP-1 use. Click here to listen now and watch for the second episode coming next month.

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