Adapting to the impacts of climate change takes the power of collaboration

The recent white paper outlines climate change’s imprint on human health

June 15, 2023

The changing climate is predicted to shape human health. Climate change is the largest single public health threat today. We can expect new and emerging health risks and negative impacts and several existing health conditions could be adversely impacted.

Climate Change: An Imprint on Human Health” is the latest edition of Magellan Rx’s Clinical Insights series. This evidence-based white paper reviews climate change as a public health concern, its physical and mental health impacts, influencers, and related regulatory and legislative trends. In response to these concerns, included is a customized toolkit for patients, payers, pharmacies, and prescribers. Additional preparedness solutions, such as weatherproofing lifesaving, and essential medications, are also discussed in depth.

Impact of climate change on human health

  • Numerous environmental disruptions are presently affecting human health, and scientists predict an increase in certain climate-related illnesses with the potential for worsening health outcomes – such as respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.
  • Health impacts of climate change vary depending on each community’s vulnerability and climate resilience. Socioeconomics, race, living conditions, and ability to access health resources drive exposure to the effects of climate change.
  • Building operational climate-resilient frameworks and systems are key for preparedness for all stakeholders, and public-private partnerships are vital in creating sustainable solutions.

“Climate change has the potential to impact the health of all humans worldwide,” said Marci J. Chodroff, MD, vice president, medical affairs for Magellan Rx Management. “As health care leaders, we’re committed to joining forces with other stakeholders in the public and private sectors to improve physical and mental health outcomes. And we’ll use our voice and capabilities to work toward equity for vulnerable communities who are disproportionately impacted by climate change.”

Climate Change: An Imprint on Health webcast

On June 27, 11 a.m. ET, join Drs. Maryam Tabatabai, Eva Rawlings Parker, Bruce Bekkar, and Marci J. Chodroff for a discussion on the intersection of climate change and health. The panel will share insights on trends, global effects, health impacts, impact on stakeholders, and preparedness solutions. Afterward, attendees can receive answers to their real-time questions. Register here.

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