Pharmacy Trend Overview Dashboard from Prime therapeutics

January 17, 2023

To: Client Pharmacy and Medical Directors, clinical contacts and current users of Insights+, Prime’s consultative data and analytics tool​​​​​​
Impacted: Commercial/Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicare and Medicaid

Keeping aware of – and ahead of – changes in pharmacy trends is critically important to your business.

Now, Prime is introducing a new Pharmacy Trend Overview Dashboard, a set of interactive and exportable dashboards. This new tool allows clients to analyze period-over-period changes in cost within the pharmacy benefit and quickly identify cost drivers.

Prime’s new Pharmacy Trend Overview Dashboard can be used to explore trends in all lines of business.

“This new approach to pharmacy trend data is part of Prime’s overall work to enhance data and analytics,” said Sarah Taylor, Prime’s Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer. “We’re in the midst of a multi-year, multi-faceted effort to improve and expand our analytics and reporting for clients. Our goal is to provide the right information at the right time to members, caregivers, clients, prescribers and Prime using an analytic-based business model that drives a highly differentiated value proposition.”

Improved, actionable trend insights  

The Pharmacy Trend Overview Dashboard separates trends into meaningful components to explore how each contributes to a change in cost on a percentage and per-member, per-month basis.

Component trend is presented in aggregate and at the core category and drug level.

  • Utilization: Change in the number of prescriptions being filled per member.
  • Drug Inflation: Change in the AWP unit cost of drugs.
  • Quantity: Change in the amount of drug product per prescription.
  • Network: Change in effective pricing rates; discounts and dispensing.
  • Rebate: Change in total dollar amount of manufacturer base rebate, price-protection rebate, & applicable manufacturer admin fees.
  • Drug Mix: Change in ratio of high-cost vs low-cost drugs used.  ​​​​​​

A series of brief intro videos outline how you can use each section of the new dashboard. Each video is about a minute long. These videos are password protected. Password: therapeutics.

For complete details regarding core data sets, the six dashboards, and use cases, review this summary of the Pharmacy Trend Overview Dashboard.

Explore the Pharmacy Trend Overview Dashboard

Visit the new Pharmacy Trend Overview Dashboard
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