Choosing a pharmacy benefit manager for your employees

Discover the value pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) provide. And learn about PBM pricing and key industry terms so you can pick a PBM that will support your objectives and deliver superior service and health outcomes for your employees.


Pharmacy benefit management overview

PBMs manage prescription drug benefits for health insurers, large employers, unions and government entities. They deliver value in many ways, supporting lower drug costs by negotiating rebates, driving savings through preferred pharmacy networks and helping people get the medicines they need to live healthier lives.

How PBMs deliver results

See how PBMs provide value and explore questions to consider as you choose a PBM.

PBM pricing simplified

Get support to navigate the complexities — and avoid the pitfalls — of PBM pricing.

Key PBM terms

Check out our glossary of PBM language, which includes easy-to-understand definitions.

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