A better way to work

Hub and Home™, a flexible workplace program, allows employees to feel healthy and productive while working no matter their role or location.

Hub + Home

Flexibility and connections

Hub and Home™  offers a hybrid work environment and connects employees. When Prime is ready to allow employees back into the office some will work primarily from home while others in an optional hybrid arrangement — with scheduled time both at home and in the office.

Truly collaborative hybrid work

Jodie Hunter Headshot

“Working from home has been personally and professionally very fulfilling. A lot more than what I even had anticipated. We’re more intertwined in who we are as people because I’m bringing you inside my home, you’re inside my office.”

JoDee Hunter, senior director of clinical operations

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Relationships thrive at the hub

Prime Landing serves as the hub for our Minnesota-based workforce. This state-of-the-art campus supports teamwork and allows employees to exchange ideas and get energy from one another.

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Work doesn’t always happen at a desk

Work lounges, conference rooms and huddle rooms promote collaboration. Employees use unassigned workstations and private rooms scattered throughout campus to focus on individual work.

Flexible spaces

Designed to support productivity and well‑being the hub gives employees a choice of where and how work is done in an office setting.

Designed for wellness

Spaces throughout the building were designed to help employees refresh, focus or relax. A state-of-the-art café, game rooms and oasis rooms are just a few examples of spaces designed to support wellness.

Erin Feigal Headshot

“Managing teams remotely requires more intentional outreach and interaction. And people managers at Prime have really stepped up by using collaboration tools like social business technology.

Erin FeigalChief human resources officer

Remote work

Working at home is easier than ever

Employees who work from home have access to productivity tools and cutting-edge technology that helps them create connections and makes remote work easier and less stressful.

Smiling Man With Headphones and Glasses Looking at Laptop and Acting Animatedly

Staying productive

Helpful office set-up tips paired with high-performing technology helps employees stay productive at home.

Keep up connections

Teams across the country stay connected with tools and resources that allow them to keep in touch with their  managers and colleagues.

Man With Beard and Glasses Engages With Four Others on Video Call


Be successful anywhere, anytime

The latest meeting technology enables participants to see and hear everyone, no matter if they are in the conference room, at home, or on the road.

State-of-the-art meeting technology

A virtual workplace program uses the latest technology enabling all meeting participants to see and hear everyone no matter if they are in the conference room, at home or in a hotel.

Connected on the go

Employees access chat, email, calendars, documents, and more from their mobile devices. So employees can stay connected wherever they need to be throughout the workday.