See how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Prime are uncovering more ways to make medications work harder for you and your employees by harnessing our collective energy and knowledge to drive lower costs, better clinical outcomes and the best overall experience.

Helping to lower drug costs

Effective drug lists are one of the best ways to ensure you have the lowest total cost of care. We curate the right drugs while removing those that are medically unnecessary or have clinically appropriate, cost-effective alternatives.

Optimizing drug access

Channel optimization means you can choose any solutions that meet your needs, and employees can get their medicine the way they want it – and at the lowest cost.

Improving medication adherence

We ensure your employees have the medication they need when they need it — helping to keep your employees healthy while improving safety, decreasing waste and delivering a seamless experience.

Managing specialty

Specialty drugs are changing lives for the better, but they are also costly for the employer groups and employees who pay for them. We offer a new approach that can help you save money and gain better control.



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