Improving medication adherence

Comprehensive clinical solutions help you promote appropriate medication use by engaging employees and providers. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Prime’s clinical programs support adherence and help eliminate gaps in care. And by getting your employees the medication they need, when they need it, our solutions help improve employee safety, decrease waste and connect the employee experience from beginning to end.


Better medication management decisions

GuidedHealth helps your employees and their providers make better decisions when it comes to managing their medications, looking at integrated pharmacy and medical claims to address overuse and underuse opportunities, as well as medication safety. These programs provide actionable clinical intelligence to providers, employees and plans to improve care, costs and outcomes.


Integration helps keep people safe from opioid overuse

For one large employer group, integrated data from Prime pharmacy claims helped decrease high opioid use for 1 in 3 employees — and even helped prevent one potential employee opioid overdose.3


Safety and support for your employees

Blue Cross and Prime use a multifaceted approach to help manage appropriate use of controlled substances. This program helps provide oversight of individuals who are at risk, supports continued research and enhances monitoring of pharmacies and providers. It also provides education for your employees about the risks of controlled substances.

Prime Therapeutics internal data, 2022; savings specific to health plan, not employer group

Across all three programs: Opioids and Controlled Substances, Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Smart Adherence

3 Prime analysis, 2021

Exclusions may apply.


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