Specialty drug costs are on a meteoric rise, now exceeding 55% of total drug spend.1 What’s more, 35% of total drug spend is driven by medical drug spend.2 Integrated solutions and strategies – across both medical and pharmacy benefits – help you successfully navigate the complicated and evolving specialty landscape.


Lowering drug costs with biosimilars

Make sure your employees have access to the best treatments. Biologic drugs are changing lives for the people who need them – but often at a very high cost. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Prime promote the use of evidence-based biosimilar drugs that may cost up to 35% less while delivering the same outcomes.3


Greater savings potential, ease and expanded pharmacy options

This copay assistance solution uses Prime’s channel-optimized model to give your employees the best available discount when they get their higher-cost medicines. Not only can your employees see copays as low as $0, they may also be able to get their medicines from a wider network of pharmacies, including specialty and retail locations.

FlexAccess is only available for self-funded groups.


Less waste, more savings opportunities

Certain high-cost medications may cause adverse side effects. For these medications, Prime provides a split, or partial, fill prescription with a prorated copay to align with the number of pills dispensed. This gives your employee the opportunity to try a medication to determine the existence and severity of side effects before continuing therapy, potentially saving money and reducing waste.

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