Driving greater use of biosimilars to help lower drug costs

As part of our total drug management strategy, we actively promote evidence-based use of FDA-approved biosimilars (and other low-cost drug options) that are endorsed by our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

The Basics

Biosimilars are safe, effective alternatives to brand products

A biosimilar is a biologic that is highly similar to and has no clinically meaningful differences from a similar, FDA-approved biologic. Biosimilars are newer to the market but are typically less expensive than reference brand products.

Ground yourself in biosimilar basics

Explore the differences in the regulatory pathways between generics and biosimilars.

Top 10 biosimilar acronyms

It’s okay not to know (or remember) all of the answers all of the time.

Getting biosimilars to market

Discover what works and what doesn’t when getting biosimilars to market.


Embracing Humira biosimilars

Long-awaited biosimilars for the popular specialty drug Humira have entered the market are some of the first FDA-approved biosimilars to be processed under the pharmacy benefit. We have developed an adoption strategy to drive savings while promoting member health. Biosimilar Savings | Prime Therapeutics


A PCMA podcast: Understanding the value of biosimilars

Host JC Scott leads a discussion on strategies to increase the use of biosimilars and drive lower specialty drug costs. He’s joined by Dr. Joseph Leach, Prime’s Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer and Jarrod Henshaw, Prime’s Senior Vice President and Innovation & Supply Chain Officer.

Case study

Converting a drug class to biosimilars

In Prime’s case study, three Blue plans added biosimilars to their formularies and preferred them, which delivered savings of $4 million. If all of Prime’s Blue Plan clients did the same and adoption rates followed, projected savings would be $41-$55 million per year.



This comprehensive solution leverages the collective strength of Prime’s client membership to help control medical costs by including FDA-approved biosimilars, medical rebates and low net cost savings.


Press releases

November 3, 2021

Prime Therapeutics backs first interchangeable insulin biosimilar Semglee®

Formularies to include biosimilar over brand Lantus®, saving millions of dollars for health plans and their members


October 15, 2021

Prime leaders discuss the emerging opportunity for biosimilars

The Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management collaborated with Prime Therapeutics to present “The Changing Market of Biosimilars”

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