After a large employer group implemented our GuidedHealth® solution, they saw significant benefits, including improved care, safer medication use, better health outcomes and a lower overall cost of care.

The Prime difference

Superior clinical intelligence

GuidedHealth pharmacy claims are queried on a regular basis to identify people at risk for opioid-use harm due to claims from multiple prescribers or pharmacies.

We notify providers of concerning opioid-use patterns and encourage providers to coordinate care and follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Opioid Prescribing Guidelines.

Making an impact

Helping keep employees safe from opioid abuse

Prime evaluated the employer group from January 2021 through October 2021 and found a 7.7% decrease in people at the CDC’s most concerning opioid use level (defined as an average daily 90mg morphine milligram equivalent) and a 32% decrease in individuals with opioid claims from multiple prescribers and pharmacies. GuidedHealth also helped decrease high opioid use for 1 in 3 employees receiving opioids from multiple prescribers and pharmacies and potentially prevented at least one opioid overdose.¹

Drop in opioid use at the CDC’s most concerning level

Decrease in members receiving a high dose of opioids from multiple prescribers

Potential opioid overdose prevented in this population

1 All data above is from Prime analysis, 2021