A national system outage is impacting some pharmacies’ ability to process prescription drug claims.

Prime Therapeutics has learned of a national system outage impacting some pharmacies’ ability to process prescription drug claims.  Due to this national outage, certain retail pharmacies may be experiencing issues with flowing claims to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) such as Prime.  As such, any claims routed in this system are not being received by Prime and members may experience errors trying to process a claim.

Prime systems are currently fully operational and processing claims that are sent to us.  If your pharmacy is impacted, members can have their prescriptions transferred to another pharmacy that is not impacted, or pay out of pocket and submit a direct claim for reimbursement.

The timing for system reinstatement is currently unknown.

Our pharmacy lookup tools are available to locate alternative pharmacies in network.

Updated: February 23, 2024

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