Helping members get the lowest available price, integrated with their health plan benefits

MedsYourWay™ does the hard work for members, scanning several major discount card prices, comparing them to the member’s benefit plan price and serving up the lowest available price — with all covered purchases counting towards their deductible.

Home delivery

Get medications delivered through our partnership with Amazon Pharmacy.


Go to a major pharmacy in your community to get the lowest price on medications – with no extra card and no app.

Challenging tradition

“MedsYourWay will challenge the traditional thinking in the PBM industry. This umbrella offering reflects what makes Prime so unique in the industry — true channel independence and an unbiased approach in identifying the best consumer solutions that allow our members to easily access low-cost medications.”

Jarrod Henshaw
Senior Vice President, Chief Innovation and
Supply Chain Officer

Available to all Blue Plans and employer groups whose Blue Plan has adopted.