Helping to lower drug costs

Effective formularies are one of the best ways to ensure you have the lowest total cost of care, and a well-managed formulary starts with proactive, comprehensive pipeline management. Best of all, you have the flexibility to choose a drug mix that best meets your goals thanks to our highly customizable options for formulary management.


A powerful tool for integrated drug management

Our NetResults formulary gives employees access to the right medications while cutting out drugs that are medically unnecessary or at a higher cost compared to other available therapies. Simply put, we focus on providing access to the drugs people need and not the ones they don’t.

Case study

Big savings with no employee disruption

NetResults can have a dramatic effect on a group’s bottom line. One 9,000-employee group in the energy solutions and natural gas industry was using an unmanaged approach to formulary and utilization management, and they were concerned about employee disruption if they implemented a new approach. However, the rising costs of drugs was becoming too much to bear. Prime recommended a managed formulary with new utilization management programs, and the employer saw clear results, including $17 PMPM savings – with no negative impact on the employee experience.


PMPM savings²

Increase in preferred brand use²


Rebates direct to your employees at their local pharmacy

The Point of Sale Rebates solution helps reduce drug costs for your employees at the point of sale by subtracting a portion of any manufacturer rebate before determining their out-of-pocket expense. This allows you to relay any rebates to your employees, providing savings to those with high deductible and coinsurance plans.


Greater savings potential, ease and expanded pharmacy options

This copay assistance solution gives your employees the best available discount when they get their higher-cost medicines. Not only can your employees see copays as low as $0, they’ll also be able to get their medicines from a wider network of pharmacies, including specialty and retail locations.

Florida Blue contracts with Prime Therapeutics, LLC to provide pharmacy benefit management and home delivery pharmacy services.

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¹ $10-$14: Prime internal data, 2017. Savings based on actual savings reports, inclusive of all-in formulary savings. 3%-10%: Prime internal data through 3Q2019 for standard NetResults. 8%: Prime internal data through 3Q2019 for standard NetResults

2 Prime internal data