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Through our superior partnership model and consumer-centric innovation, we’re leading the market in total drug management solutions that put people first. Together with our Blue Plan partners, we’re committed to make health care work better.

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Health plans

Collaboration is at our core. And in an ever-changing marketplace, we work with Blue Plans to develop total drug management solutions that help achieve lowest net cost and improve outcomes.

How we work with health plans


Employers and consultants

We guide employers through an increasingly complex health care market, helping them control costs while giving their employees a more effective way to get the medicine they need to feel better. We also helped clients save an average of $10-14 per member per month using our NetResults formulary.

How we work with employers


Government programs

Our dedicated government teams help clients achieve lowest net cost and the highest quality of care for their members. In fact in 2018, Prime delivered $183 million in total negotiated savings for Medicare clients and Medicaid clients saw more than $288 million in savings.

How we work with: Medicare plans | Medicaid plans


Health insurance marketplace

We focus on providing high-quality care for our plan sponsor's members while staying ahead of state regulations and other market changes. Prime supports 1 in 4 individuals who are on the exchange.

How we work with health insurance marketplace plans