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Prime and Blue Plans align medical and pharmacy benefits to help deliver a simpler solution for both employers and employees.
This approach works: we’ve ranked highest in overall employer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend, two years in a row.

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Superior experience

Superior experiences 

We work hard to make health care easier to use and understand. Our connected model creates a seamless experience. Employees get the support and convenience they need, with 24/7 customer service and responsive issue resolution. Our commitment to customer service is working.

  • 95 percent overall satisfaction with Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy.2 
  • 98 percent employer retention rate. 
  • Two contact centers that are designated World Class Call Centers.3
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Affordable medicine

We help keep costs low by looking at the big picture — identifying areas for improvement and developing solutions grounded in research and expertise. Our innovative solutions save money.

  • Lowest ingredient costs for more than six years in a row: nearly $6 less than competitors on average.4  
  • Total cost of care per year: $626 less than competing retail pharmacies.5 

save $626 PMPY over competing retail pharmacies

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Healthier outcomes through adherence

Not taking medicine as directed is one of the biggest challenges to better care. PrimeMail and Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy support members who have serious, complex conditions, resulting in increased adherence. Our adherence rates are up to 6.4 percentage points higher than the competition.

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