Making a difference in our communities by getting involved and driving impactful change.




In the wake of ongoing social injustices, Prime Therapeutics’ employees and leaders began much needed conversations about how to create change in our communities.  Prime Therapeutics’ employees voiced a desire to create a foundation to get involved, make a difference, and have a lasting impact. 

The Prime Together Foundation was born out of those conversations.

The foundation will be closely connected to Prime’s diversity and inclusion efforts. The foundation received 501c3 status and is building its infrastructure, and the board officers are in place. Additional board members will be added as the foundation’s governance model continues to develop. 



To work together with our communities to address inequality and injustice in all its manifestations, particularly racism, poverty, health and hunger. 





Prime will gather employee input and invite organizations to apply for grants directly. Prime’s Diversity & Inclusion Council will play a role in recommending how funds are allocated, and the foundation board will approve all grants.

Grantmaking will begin in 2021.