Prime Insights


Kevin Bowen

Kevin Bowen, MD, MBA | Principal Health Outcomes Researcher

Dr. Bowen applies his keen mind and unique perspective to the study of integrated medical and pharmacy data. His insights help Prime and its clients understand current trends and predict future patterns of drug use and costs.

Jonathan Gavras

Jonathan Gavras, MD, FCCP | Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Gavras is responsible for the development and implementation of care management and utilization programs for specialty pharmacy. He also is responsible for developing the clinical policies that support prescription management programs under both the pharmacy and medical benefits.

Patrick Gleason

Patrick Gleason, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS | Director, Health Outcomes

Dr. Gleason leads a team that analyzes integrated medical and pharmacy claims data. He provides clinical vision and analytic expertise to deliver consultative pharmacy benefit recommendations. 

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson, PharmD, BCPS | Senior Director, Health Outcomes

Dr. Johnson plays a key role in assessing results of pharmacy benefit products and leads a team analyzing integrated medical and pharmacy claims data to develop and improve Prime’s clinical programs.

David Lassen

David Lassen, PharmD | Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Lassen has oversight of Prime’s clinical services. He leads formulary, utilization management and clinical program development and builds strategies for total health management integration with health plan partners.

Cathy Starner

Cathy Starner, PharmD, BCPS | Principal Health Outcomes Researcher

Dr. Starner uses integrated medical and pharmacy data to study the impact of pharmacy programs and identify the most cost-effective treatments. Her research helps improve every aspect of pharmacy benefit management.