REPORT: Looking back, moving forward

Looking back at 2013 prescription drug costs

Prime Therapeutics | June 17, 2014

Prime Therapeutics is pleased to introduce its 2014 Report on prescription drug costs, our yearly look back at commercial pharmacy costs and spending trends from the previous year.

We’ve renamed our annual trend publication to reflect the inclusion of net ingredient costs. Ingredient cost offers the clearest picture of where costs start and how they compare. We think sharing the starting point for pharmacy costs matters just as much as talking about the speed at which they are moving.

By including ingredient costs, we underscore our strong record of success in keeping drug costs low. Past research indicates Prime consistently has one of the lowest net ingredient costs in the industry, and we believe our 2013 result remains superior.

Our commitment to making keeping drug costs low is critical in the era of specialty drugs. As specialty use grows, pharmacy costs are expected to accelerate. Our report clearly illustrates how specialty is already driving drug trend, and shows how continued specialty growth may affect future pharmacy spending.

With specialty drug use expected to grow, the road ahead will be challenging. Prime’s unique point of view can help clients see how pharmacy spend fits within the total health care picture. Our tools, technology and expertise can help clients manage these costs with confidence.

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