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Prime expert discusses orphan disease treatments at Market Access Summit

Rae McMahan addressed critical cost and care challenges for payers and patients

In November, ArtSci Health hosted its inaugural Market Access Summit in Dallas, TX. Rae McMahan, vice president and general manager of enterprise specialty for Prime, served as a panelist on the topic of orphan diseases. She discussed new and innovative strategies to help ensure the judicious use of high cost drugs for orphan diseases during a session titled “How to Manage Drug Costs with FDA Approvals and Costs on the Rise.” She also shared how Prime leverages integrated claims data – across medical and pharmacy benefits – and monitors the specialty drug pipeline to deliver total drug management solutions that are both client- and member-centered.

According to McMahan, the Summit filled a niche that’s been missing in the pharmaceutical conference space. “It’s extremely important that PBMs, payers, manufacturers and pharmacies work together for holistic management of members with a rare disease, said McMahan. “We all want the appropriate treatment and best outcomes for them, but often we devise independent strategies. By collaborating with each other, our intended outcomes can be greatly improved.”

McMahan also highlighted Prime’s collaboration with national foundations in the rare disease space, such as the National Gaucher Foundation (NGF), which supports individuals with a rare enzyme deficiency. Specialty clinical pharmacists on McMahan’s team work with NGF, as well as the National Hemophilia Foundation and other patient advocacy groups, to discuss the competitive landscape for preferred therapies and align on clinically appropriate treatment standards.

McMahan also served as a panelist for a second session which examined the future of orphan disease in 2019 and beyond. The panel explored patient coverage, access to orphan drugs and the associated costs, how stakeholders leverage real-world data to support health care challenges, and the evolution of payment and reimbursement models for emerging precision medicines.

Payers, academics, pharmacy representatives and consultants primarily made up The Summit faculty while participants were mostly from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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