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Medication adherence management featured at FAST Network event

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s FAST Network event focuses on government programs

Each year, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association hosts the FAST Network® event for its government program health plans to network and knowledge share. As a Platinum sponsor, Prime Therapeutics was also a presenter and highlighted the evolution and results of adherence management.

For Medicare Part D, the three adherence measures – diabetes, statins and RAS antagonists (hypertension) – are 32.7 percent of the overall Part D Star rating making it a high priority for health plans. Medicare plans are incented to improve their Star ratings, and Prime supports that through continual improvement of program offerings.

Stephanie Dauer, PharmD, MS, MBA, RPh, director of clinical program development at Prime, presented at the event. “Adherence management is an evolving practice,” Dauer said. With both responsive and proactive approaches – including adherence predictive modeling – Prime can predict, screen, score and rank non-adherent members for intervention.

Adherence management -- It's an evolving practice

Stephanie Dauer, PharmD, MS, MBA, RPh, director of clinical program development and communications at Prime presents at the FAST Network event.

And the preliminary 2018 intervention results look positive. Members with a first quarter intervention showed an increase, on average, in proportion of days covered (PDC) at the end of second quarter for all three metric areas. Additionally, all three metric areas saw their Star ratings increase year-over-year (2017-2018).

“We know this is important to our clients, and we will continue to work with each of them to improve adherence and the health of our members,” Dauer added.

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