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Complete Managed Care Residency Program Series

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Young pharmacy students jump-start their future by joining Prime's residency program.

Investing in young talent is important. At Prime, we know that developing future pharmacy leaders doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we offer a yearlong managed care residency program that gives residents experience in 10 different rotation areas. 

Residents build knowledge and skills necessary to flourish in managed care pharmacy by working hand-in-hand with pharmacy experts. All residents finish a project in each rotation area and present a final project at a managed care industry conference. 

Here is a story from one of our past residents.

Tien Vuong, senior clinical pharmacist — 2011

Compassion for helping people and the desire to use science drove me to become a pharmacist. Something was missing though. I needed something non-traditional.

I knew I had options as a University of Minnesota pharmacy school student. I came across a managed care course that focused on influencing the pharmacy business. Not many pharmacists explore this path, so I enrolled. After completing the course, I was hooked.

After graduation, several health care companies were on campus promoting their managed care residency programs. Prime stood out to me because three of their experts had lectured during the course I took.

I had a long conversation with Prime’s residency director about what it means to be a pharmacist in managed care. The idea of helping large populations captivated me to the point where I applied shortly following the event. After several rounds of interviews, I accepted Prime’s offer to start as their resident the summer after I graduated. 

A year of learning you can’t get at school

Pharmacy school is great. It’s where I built my foundation. I will be forever thankful for all I learned at the University of Minnesota. That said, I never imagined how much more I would learn during one year in a professional workplace. Three key lessons about communication, accountability and discovery stand out to me. 

I learned the value of good communication. Effective communication was essential in each rotation. Not only did I have to communicate with my mentor, but also with clients, organizational committees and several leaders. I quickly learned how to convey my ideas to people from various backgrounds. 

I learned accountability is necessary for team success. Not one project involved fewer than five people. Each person had to be accountable — and that included me. Even though I was the low person on the totem pole, the team held me accountable for the quality of my work.

I learned the need for discovery never goes away. My mentors challenged me to dig deep and find different approaches to solve problems. I realized that the health care industry is constantly changing and it’s critical to discover new ways to overcome old challenges. 

My non-traditional journey as a pharmacist continues. I now work full time at Prime as a clinical pharmacist and keep my patient care skills sharp by working part time at a retail pharmacy in my off hours. 

If, like Tien, you’re interested in exploring managed care pharmacy and are seeking an opportunity to learn on the job, jump start your career today by applying to be our next managed care resident.

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