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Complete Managed Care Residency Program Series

Series: Developing the future of managed care pharmacy thought leadership — part I

Young pharmacy students jump-start their future by joining Prime's residency internship program.

Investing in young talent is important. At Prime, we know that developing future pharmacy leaders doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we offer a yearlong managed care residency program that gives residents experience in 10 different rotation areas. 

Residents build knowledge and skills necessary to flourish in managed care pharmacy by working hand-in-hand with pharmacy experts. All residents finish a project in each rotation area and present a final project at a managed care industry conference. 

Here is a story from one of our past residents.

Chelsey Poquette, clinical review criteria pharmacist - 2014 resident

“Make a positive impact on someone’s life.” It sounds cliché but that’s been my credo for a long time. It’s one reason I decided to become a pharmacist – so I could help people feel better. 

I was first exposed to Prime and its residency program as a first-year University of Minnesota pharmacy school student. During an Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy student chapter event, I spoke with Prime’s residency director about what it means to be a pharmacist in managed care. She explained how pharmacists have the ability to make a positive impact on large populations. 

The thought of helping more than one person through strategic decisions made me want to explore the world of managed care. I applied for Prime’s program, and was selected after a thorough interview process.

Here are 3 things I got out of Prime’s managed care residency program

I changed my understanding of what it means to be a pharmacist.

Most people’s idea of a pharmacist is a person in a lab coat behind a counter filling prescriptions. I don’t blame them because when I first went to school I thought the same thing. Then I had the conversation with Prime’s residency director. I didn’t know much about managed care before starting my rotations at Prime. All I knew was that I was about to see a whole other side of the pharmacy profession. I was right. My mindset and how I think about pharmacy was so much different. Now I make clinical decisions that could help thousands of people.

I gained valuable experience in 10 different clinical areas.

Through Prime’s residency program, I got first-hand exposure in 10 clinical areas. One of my biggest accomplishments was building out a specialty drug management strategy for people who use a certain grouping of drugs. My  mentor even challenged me to pitch the strategy to leadership. 

I built a strong foundation through meaningful challenges

I love to learn. I knew I made the right choice early on during the program. It seemed each new rotation presented me with a new problem to solve. Each challenge gave me a foundation of experience. Now that I am working full time at Prime, I call on those experiences and apply what I learned to the new challenges I face each day.

If, like Chelsey, you’re interested in exploring managed care pharmacy and are seeking an opportunity to learn on the job, jump start your career today by applying to be our next managed care resident.

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