Our clinical operations team delivers best-in-class service to members while focusing on efficiency and giving detailed information about pharmacy benefits.

Focused on efficiency

Our clinical operations technicians and pharmacists focus on helping health plan members get the medicine they need as efficiently as possible. They put members first as they work to find solutions that provide better health outcomes.

Diverse opportunities

This department offers a wide range of opportunities. You could:

  • Be a technician or pharmacist who drives operational efficiency while serving members
  • Grow to become a pharmacy industry professional who drives empowered teams while delivering the highest quality of service
  • Be part of a team that builds a strong culture of engagement and delivery operational excellence


At Prime, our clinical operations employees grow and develop skills by working across our different operational teams. You’ll provide a vital service to our clients: helping members, pharmacists and providers understand pharmacy benefits so members get the right medicine for their needs.

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