A Powerful Alliance

By joining forces with Walgreens, we created a breakthrough model that improves health outcomes and reduces costs — an industry game-changer.


Aligned to transform the industry

The Prime and Walgreens alliance brings the health plan, pharmacy benefit manager and pharmacy together. By combining our individual strengths, we’re going beyond business as usual to deliver more value to health plans and members — an industry first.

We started with two small words: What if?

Big ideas have to start somewhere. Our alliance was born from a series of questions. What if a big change could lower costs and improve care? What if we could make a real difference that helped people? What if we could change everything?

Our close connection with our Blue Plan clients already gave us an edge. Partnering with Walgreens ­— the second largest drugstore chain in the United States — was the key to creating a true game-changer.


We made two big changes

This alliance rocked the industry. Our partnership includes two major changes. It puts Walgreens at the core of our preferred pharmacy network, which adds savings and convenience. And it creates a new, jointly owned company ­that combines specialty pharmacy and home delivery services for even greater savings. 


“We’re excited to seize the possibilities”


So what’s next?

We’re fine-tuning new products and services that will make life easier for health plans, employers and members. And more plans are in development. We’re excited to build them. When you see what we're building, you’ll be excited, too.