Our unique ownership structure makes it possible for us to remain absolutely committed to the health of the people we serve.

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Purpose-built, mission-driven

Purpose-built, mission-driven

We’re committed to helping people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well. This mission fuels our passion and drives every decision we make.

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Born from Blue Plans

We were created to provide pharmacy expertise for a few forward-thinking, not-for-profit Blue Plans. We’ve grown to serve 23 Blue Plans and more than 30 million members — including 1 of every 6 people covered through the public exchanges. But we’re still privately held. This lets us stay focused on outcomes, not income. 

Born from blue plans

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Our comprehenize programs

A business model with one goal in mind

Health care is complex. And pharmacy is only one part of the equation. That’s why we work together with our health plan owners and clients to support complete member health. We strive to have no gaps or competing goals.

Our comprehensive programs

  • Control drug costs so payers can continue to offer affordable benefits.
  • Improve clinical and financial outcomes to help reduce the total cost of care.
  • Set a new standard for specialty pharmacy with integrated management and patient-centered care.
  • Provide superior experiences for members, pharmacists and clients.
  • Exceed the industry’s quality and compliance standards.
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Excelling in regulatory compliance leadership

Compliance at Prime means we are doing our work well and right. We act with integrity as we meet many requirements that apply to our business. Our compliance program is the ethical framework that supports our culture and helps us meet our regulatory obligations. 

The Compliance Program and Code of Conduct guides Prime's work and raises awareness of the ethical, legal and other rules that affect our business.