Benefit management is complex.
Blue + Prime makes it easier. And it's a relationship you can trust.


Three reasons to choose Blue + Prime

Prime was built to meet Blue Plans’ needs. No other PBM gives health plans the level of commitment that we offer — commitment that will help you grow your business. Our methods are based on three critical points: Information, collaboration, and trust.



Our member-first integration approach with Blue Plans gives us a more complete view of both medical and pharmacy data. And what we do with that data makes a big difference. Analyzing topics ranging from specialty drugs to new therapies from an integrated point of view leads to better pharmacy strategies that help you make the most of your pharmacy dollars.



Our 20-year history with Blue Plans means we know what matters to you — whether it’s current health trends or specific market nuances. We collaborate closely and offer unique, peer-to-peer forums that help Blue Plans connect on critical business issues.



Health care is complex. You need a PBM you can trust and won't compete with you. We draw on our Blue Plan DNA to collaborate with you like no other PBM can. We think like you. We’re organized like you. We stand by your side, especially as you go to market. And, because of our transparent, client-focused business model, we can truly concentrate on what is best for your members.