Specialty is our specialty

Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy (Prime Specialty Pharmacy) works with health plans to make it simple for people to get the specialty medicine they need.

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Prime Specialty Pharmacy benefits everyone

Chronic conditions and specialty drug use are on the rise. With a single course of therapy for some medicines exceeding six figures, employers and members face bigger challenges than ever before.

Members get personalized, expert support from a team of pharmacists and clinical experts. And their specialty medicines arrive safely, quickly and affordably. Get more information about your specialty prescriptions.

We help doctors and health care professionals deliver coordinated, evidence-based care more easily.
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Employers can help improve employee health and maximize savings opportunities. 

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Clinical support

Member-centered support means better results

Our personalized care teams help members understand their medicines, their conditions and what to expect along the way. They can also help coordinate insurance payments. This approach delivers better adherence and better outcomes (compared to retail pharmacies).1

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Member satisfaction that’s second to none

Prime Specialty Pharmacy leads the industry in satisfaction. We make sure people get their medicine delivered when they need it. We make sure they get personalized service and support. And we help save them money.

  • 97 percent of members are satisfied/very satisfied with their Prime customer care coordinators.2
  • Overall member satisfaction with Prime Specialty Pharmacy has stayed over 91 percent for the past eight quarters.2
  • Prime Specialty Pharmacy members are up to 29 percent more likely to be very satisfied with their care than with our competitors.2

Member satisfaction

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2. Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy member satisfaction study (2015).