Prime’s CEO Mostafa Kamal on the Tuning In to the C-Suite podcast 

September 20, 2023

Mostafa sits down with Managed Healthcare Executive’s Managing Editor Peter Wehrwein and Editor Briana Contreras to talk Prime and Magellan Rx integration and more.

In July of this year, Mostafa Kamal discussed his newer role as CEO of Prime/Magellan Rx, the company’s direction, gene therapies, and price transparency in episode 124 of the Tuning in to the C-Suite podcast. 

“When we first started having conversations between Magellan Rx and Prime, we were excited about the potential of what the two organizations could bring by coming together. We had a set of hypotheses.” Mostafa continued to say, “I can tell you having been together now for seven months, I think every one of our hypotheses have either met or exceeded our expectations.” 

To hear more about the progress of integration and what this means for the future of PRime/Magellan Rx, check out the full podcast episode