Prime Therapeutics/Magellan Rx launches 2023 Medical Pharmacy Trend Report™

October 10, 2023

Impact: All lines of business

The 2023 Medical Pharmacy Trend Report™ from Prime Therapeutics/Magellan Rx is now available! The annual report features a comprehensive view of provider-administered medical benefit drug trends, the largest driver of specialty drug spend. This report offers detailed analysis of medical benefit drug claims, data benchmarks, and current medical benefit drug management strategies. You can read the full report here.

Learn about the year’s most impactful trends and insights

“As experts in medical pharmacy, we’re dedicated to providing clients with the right data to inform strategic health care planning and forecasting,” said Kristen Reimers, RPh, senior vice president, specialty clinical solutions for Prime/Magellan Rx. “It’s gratifying to bring to market our signature medical trend report in its thirteenth edition. This report delivers premium insights into trends, pipeline forecasts, and management strategies related to medical benefit drug management.”

This detailed report features a comprehensive view of pharmacy trends and management strategies, including:

  • PMPM trends across Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid lines of business
  • Trends for top 20 drugs and drug categories
  • Therapy categories Driving Forecast trends
  • Oncology biosimilar adoption and spend
  • Effects from Keytruda’s expanded indication
  • Rare disease management insights

The following press release announcing its launch, which will be published on Oct. 12, 2023, provides a brief overview of key elements from this comprehensive report. The press release will also be available across the national wire and in the Prime Newsroom. The full report will be available on the Magellan Rx website.