IntegratedRx® member satisfaction 

October 17, 2023

Impact: All Commercial lines of business

IntegratedRx® is a hit with its members 

The IntegratedRx® – Oncology program offered by Prime Therapeutics LLC (Prime)/Magellan Rx Management LLC, a Prime Therapeutics LLC company’s (MRx) provides IntegratedRx® members with one central location for their cancer medicines: their care center’s in-house pharmacy. This clinically integrated program streamlines the treatment pathway for people living with cancer connecting the physician, member, and pharmacist experience. 

Prime/MRx recently conducted a survey of IntegratedRx® members to get their perspective on how things are going with IntegratedRx® – Oncology.  We are proud to share the results that show that those members are overwhelmingly satisfied with the program: 

  • 95% of IntegratedRx® members are satisfied or very satisfied with their experience. 
  • 98% reported no issues obtaining their prescriptions. 
  • 96% reported it was easy to do business with the pharmacy. 
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80 compared to an average of 38 for healthcare. * 

* Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric used to identify customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is designed to gauge the likelihood of customers recommending a product or service to others. 

Benefits of IntegratedRx® 

When the provider and pharmacist are part of the same team, several advantages are unlocked: 

  • Allows for direct lines of communication between prescriber and pharmacist and improves the member experience. 
  • Generates ~$5,000 of annual savings per utilizing member. 
  • Can help shorten time to dispense resulting in patients starting therapy earlier. 
  • Creates a better member and provider experience from the first fill to the last fill. 


If you have any questions regarding IntegratedRx® – Oncology and how it can support your Commercial plans, please reach out to your sales representative.