Four tips for Cybersecurity

October 30, 2023

This year’s cybersecurity awareness month is a wrap, but keeping data safe online is a year-round priority at Prime/Magellan Rx

At Prime/Magellan Rx, we take the security of our member and client data seriously. The safety of our information and systems is paramount. We all play a part in keeping our information safe, both at work and at home.  

Below are four cyber security tips you can use to securely manage your data to help keep you safe online, at home and work: 

Use Strong Passwords
Strong passwords are long, random, unique and include all four-character types (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols). It is recommended to use a password of at least 12 characters to reduce the risk of hacking your password.  

Turn on and use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) wherever you can
Using more than a password alone to protect your online accounts by enabling MFA makes you significantly less likely to get hacked. Enable MFA on all your online accounts that offer it. 

Recognize and Report Phishing
Be cautious of unsolicited messages asking for personal information. Avoid sharing sensitive information or credentials with unknown sources. Report phishing attempts immediately and block the sender’s email address and delete the message. 

Update and Keep Software Versions Current
Ensuring your software is up to date is the best way to get the latest security patches and updates on your devices. Regularly check for updates if automatic updates are not available. 

These are just a few of the practices you can adopt to stay safe online to help ensure privacy and security. For more tools and resources, visit the Cybersecurity & Infrastucture Security Agency (CISA) website.