Copay Maximization Sunsetting on Dec. 31, 2023

March 29, 2023

Impacted: ASO line of business

Prime launched FlexAccess, an industry-leading copay solution in 2022. FlexAccess has already achieved significant savings with minimum member disruption. Due to the success of FlexAccess, Prime has made the strategic decision to sunset legacy Copay Maximization to ensure resources can be reallocated to support the continued evolution of FlexAccess and other industry-leading specialty solutions.

Strategic rationale for sunsetting Copay Maximization 
This decision was made after careful consideration of the following:

  • Sunsetting will allow Prime to focus resources on newer solutions.
  • ​​​​​FlexAccess leverages Prime’s channel-optimized approach, which means we work with a variety of specialty pharmacies to provide a flexible solution that helps lower costs and create a better member experience.

Next steps for current utilizers of Copay Maximization
As a next step, plans who have current utilizers of Copay Maximization will receive a communication directly from your Prime Regional Director Specialty (RDS) representative with information including current Copay Maximization utilization, savings comparisons, and transition plans to migrate groups and lives to FlexAccess by Jan. 1, 2024. We’ll also work with each client on an approach to avoid member disruption.

Your Prime client engagement representative will be notifying your client’s Account Executive and/or Sales teams of this change and will support group-level discussions.

We are excited about the success of FlexAccess to date and look forward to evolving this product to meet the changing needs of your market.

Please reach out to your client engagement or RDS representative for additional questions